Gary Beckman, Executive Director

Gary began working for the Club in 2017 with more than 22 years of Boys & Girls Club experience, most recently in Pontiac, Ill. As the Executive Director, Gary oversees all aspects of the Club. He can be reached at 




Tyler Hudson, Director of Operations

Tyler has worked at the Club since 2010 and in his current position since 2015. As Director of Operations, Tyler is responsible for overseeing all Boys & Girls Club Site Operations and working with site and program managers to ensure a great Club experience for all children. Tyler’s favorite program is STEM because it provides and reinforces essential knowledge and skills that will help youth succeed in the future. He can be reached at



Cherie Beltran, Director of Development

Cherie began work at the Club in 2018. As the Director of Development, she is oversees major donor relations, planned giving and long-term sustainability of the Club. She can be reached at 




Emily-JarrettEmily Schmidt, Communications Director

Emily has worked at the Club since 2014. As the Communications Director, she is responsible for helping the community, parents and prospective members to understand the Club and all it has to offer. Emily’s favorite program at the Club is Cooking, because gives children important basic life skills and sets them on the path to a healthier future. She can be reached at 



Andrea Mason, Special Events Director

Andrea began working at the Club in 2017. As the Special Events Director, she oversees the Club’s three major fundraising events and works with donors to help facilitate charitable giving. Her favorite program is Junior Staff because it gives real-life opportunities for Club members, helping them reach their full potential as they discover their dream career. She can be reached at 


Laurie-SchirllsLaurie Schirlls, Operations Coordinator

Laurie has worked at the Club since 2008. As the Operations Coordinator, Laurie assists the Director of Operations and Site Managers with day-to-day needs, as well as programming support. Her favorite program is the Summer Program because it provides the opportunity for kids to keep active, see their friends and participate in many awesome programs such as gardening, art projects, learning how to take care of animals and going to the pool. She can be reached at





James Cramer, Heber Hunt Area Director

James has worked at the Club since 2004. As an Area Manager, he ensures that hands-on learning programs are implemented to members on a daily basis. His favorite program is Triple Play/Wanna Play because it teaches members how important it is to stay active, get exercise and eat healthy. James can be reached at



Sharliene Fulton, Horace Mann Site Site Director

Sharliene has worked for the Club since 2010. Her favorite program is Smart Girls because it inspires young women to be more confident and have higher self-esteem. Sharliene can be reached at 





Vicki Hart, The CLUB Site Director

Vicki has worked at the Club since 2008. As The CLUB Site Manager, her responsibilities include making sure that all aspects of the site are running smoothly, from paperwork to managing staff to helping members with homework. Vicki’s favorite program is Yoga because sometimes she is able to participate. She can be reached at



Jessica Hazel, La Monte Site Area Director

Jessica has worked for the Club since 2012, first as a Site Assistant for the Green Ridge Site and now as an Area Manager. She believes the Club offers a safe place for kids to go after school instead of being home alone or going out and getting into trouble. She can be reached at





Judy Moore, Smithton Site Director

Judy has worked at the Club since 2008. As the Smithton Site Manager she makes sure that outcomes and expectations are delivered and received by members. Her favorite program is X-Gen, because as children become more immersed in technology and consumerism, she believes it’s important to bring forward historical insight and new ideas. She also believes in the Club’s dedication to being community-oriented and promoting the idea of being altruistic to fellow members and the community at large. She can be reached at


Melanie Osteen, Dresden Site Program Director

Melanie has worked at the Club since 2017 as a Youth Development Professional. In 2018, she was named Program Director of the Dresden Site. Her favorite program is Coding because it allows Club members the opportunity to learn something they may not be able to during the school day. She can be reached at 




Robert Johnson, Leeton Site Program Director

Robert has worked at the Club since 2018, leading the Leeton Site. As the Leeton Site Program Director, he is in charge of planning and implementing programs. He can be reached at





Tara Walker, Cole Camp Site DirectorTara-Walker

Tara has worked at the Club sine 2007. As the Cole Camp Site Director she is responsible for planning, developing programs for members and developing positive relationships with the community. Tara’s favorite part of the Club is Power Hour, which helps members complete homework during Club time so they can spend the evening at home doing fun stuff with their families, and not worrying about homework. Tara can be reached at



Kim Watkins, Parkview Site Director

Kim began working for the Club from 2009 to 2015 and came back in 2017. As the Parkview Site Director she is responsible for planning and implementing programs and overseeing the Boys & Girls Clubs’ largest site, with more than 100 members regularly in attendance daily. She can be reached at 




Lance-WilliamsLance Williams, Skyline Site Director

Lance has worked at the Club since 2014. As the Skyline Site Manager Lance is responsible for providing a safe, positive and educational environment for all the children that comes to his Club site. Lance’s favorite program is Passport to Manhood, because it teaches boys how to become respectful young men and how to contribute to the society as grown men. He can be reached at



Ryan Willoughby, Washington Site Program Director

Ryan began working at the Club in 2013 as a Youth Development Professional before being hired as a Program Director in January 2018. He can be reached at




Zach Wulf, Green Ridge Site Program Director

Zach began working for the Club in 2015 as a Youth Development Professional before being hired as the Program Manager. His favorite program is STEAM because with science, the fun is limitless. He can be reached at