Green Ridge

The Green Ridge School Site opened in 2007 as part of expansion efforts to reach more children in the area. Green Ridge offers membership for children age 5 to 18. 

Location: 401 W. Pettis St., Green Ridge, MO 65332
Hours: After school program begins immediately after school until 7 p.m.
More Information: 660-287-1070

Member Success Story

During the third quarter, Green Ridge Site staff worked to help a fifth grade member who was struggling with Social Studies and Science. Club staff met with his teacher and parents to get everyone on the same page. He attended the Club regularly making sure he did his homework and had staff and volunteer help when needed.

This member’s grade improved from an F to a B in Social Studies and he received an A on his last science test. This is evidence that when staff, teachers and parents work together, academic success is achievable.