Academic Success

At the Club, our top priority is the academic success of members. We aim to put kids on the right track, preparing them to become tomorrow’s workforce. By offering programs and hands-on learning that focus on Math, Science, Reading and Technology, members continue their education even when not in school.

Power Hour

Power Hour offers a structured, quiet time and place for Club staff and volunteers to help members with homework. Members emerge from the program better prepared for classes and proud of their hard work and accomplishments. 


Through the Club’s many Eco-STEM programs, members learn about the environment, science, technology, engineering and math through fun, hands-on activities. From how pollution effects the environment to learning about construction methods, members receive a well-rounded education disguised as fun and games.

Money Matters

The Money Matters Program promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to 18, by building their basic money management skills.

National Fine Arts

The National Fine Arts program encourages artistic expression among all Club members through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.