Congratulations to our November Youth of the Month nominees. We’d also like to give a special thanks to McDonald’s for sponsoring YOM – each Boys & Girls Club member will receive a treat for their accomplishment.


The CLUBBrian Blas (Junior) and Victor Ferreira (Teen)

Brian comes to The CLUB everyday energetic and ready to have fun. He brightens up the days of those he encounters with his fun, silly, and happy personality. Brian always tries his hardest to be a model club member. Even when he isn’t having a great day or isn’t feeling well he continues to try and put smiles on the faces of those around him.


Victor recently stepped into the role of Vice President of Torch Club. He is the prime example of a leader, and has always been one of our most active club members when dealing with community service projects. Victor shows the utmost respect for his fellow club members and staff and does everything with the best of manners.


 Cole Camp SiteCherokee Shephard

Cherokee is a friend to all.  She is responsible and respectful.  And always willing to help whoever needs it.


Dresden SiteOscar Silva

Oscar is so pleasant to have around. He always has a smile, a kind word, or is doing something to make you laugh. Oscar works hard to be a good friend to all in our club.


Green Ridge SiteNora Crystal

Nora has slowly blossomed and opened up to staff. She is always very sweet and ready to help when ever needed. She always shows concern for other members whenever they seem upset and she stays with them until she knows they are feeling better.


Heber Hunt SiteLizeth Camachomorales

Lizeth comes to the program ready to have fun and play with her friends. She loves to come and hug the staff when she arrives. Is willing to help other children out and also help staff get ready for programs. She never wants to leave when her parents pick her up because she is usually doing something and wants to finish it. Love to have her in the program.


Horace Mann Site – Mason Morton

Mason was nominated as November’s Youth of the Month because he is always willing to help other members and staff and he brings a positive energy to the Club.


Leeton SiteKora Luff

Kora is a true leader for those of her age! She shows interest in the programs we run and the activities offered.  She’s always eager to help others and staff.  She is a team player, and very respectful and kind to others.


Parkview Site – Anthony Sizemore

Anthony was chosen as Parkview’s Youth of the Month because he is kind to all members.  He always smiles and is cheerful to everyone and always does the right thing even when no one is watching.



Skyline SiteOliviana Franklin

Livy was selected for November Youth of the Month because she always has a smile on her face and knows how to put a smile on the other members faces when they are down. She enjoys STEAM and Art and really hates when she has to leave for the day.


Smithton SiteBlake Twenter

Blake was chosen as the November Youth of the Month because he is very kind hearted to staff and members. He always has a smile on his face and is very respectful. Blake enjoys being around his friends, dinosaurs, and doing STEAM.


Washington Site Ella Kindle

Ella was chosen as Youth of the Month because she is kind to everybody at the Club.  She helps other members in many ways and is quick to volunteer to assist in whatever way she can.  She is a pleasure to have at the Club.