Congratulations to our October Youth of the Month nominees. We’d also like to give a special thanks to McDonald’s for sponsoring YOM – each Boys & Girls Club member will receive a treat for their accomplishment.


Hadleigh, 10, is the Junior Youth of the Month because, “she is a huge help to staff, always finding ways to keep the CLUB clean and organized. Hadleigh helps her peers during Power Hour, is kind even when she’s having a bad day (which is seldom) and is a great role model and leader at the site.”

Draven, 14, is the Teen Youth of the Month because, “he sets a great example for his peers by coming to CLUB and immediately getting started on his assignments. He has stepped up in a huge way this year, knowing that he is a leader at The CLUB. He is a great friend to those around him and helps out whenever needed.”

Cole Camp Site

Connor, 15, is the Youth of the Month because, “he is an A+ student and a Junior Staff member at the site, working with third and fourth graders during Power Hour homework help time. Connor is kind, considerate and respectful to all.”

Dresden Site 

Kierra is the Youth of the Month because, “she is kind and caring toward others and always willing to help when needed. Kierra said she loves coming to the Club but never wants to leave.”

Green Ridge

Collin is the Youth of the Month because, “he is attentive, kind and willing to help at any time. He always has a great attitude toward other members and programs.”

Heber Hunt Site 

Annie, 5, is the Youth of the Month because, “she comes to Club every day with her mask on and a great big smile underneath it. She’s always in a good mood, ready to have fun and is a favorite among her peers. Annie brightens up the Club with her presence and is fun to have in our program.”

Horace Mann Site

Shama, 9, is the Youth of the Month because, “he is very enthusiastic, funny, mindful and motivated. Shama comes to the Club with a positive attitude and loves to make others smile.”

La Monte

Anthony, 7, is the Youth of the Month because, “he helps out around the Club Site without being asked and always stays on task during program time.”

Leeton Site

Cecil, 7, is the Youth of the Month because, “when Cecil is at the Club, you know it! Not only is he a loud character, he comes to Club eager and ready to learn. Cecil has the biggest smile and is always there to help staff, especially when it comes to the computer lab, programs and cleaning. He was especially helpful when Mr. Tyler and Ms. Laurie staffed the site last month. Cecil has come a long way at the Club and we are thrilled to choose him as our Youth of the Month.”

Parkview Site

Elly is the Youth of the Month because, “she is kind, has a friendly smile for everyone and always acts in the right way, even when no one is watching.”

Skyline Site

Macy, 9, is the Youth of the Month because, “she has made quite an impact at the Club this year, showing up every day and making it better with her smile and friendly attitude. Macy is a very kind and thoughtful young lady and always wants to know how everyone’s day is going. Watching her over the years, we believe Macy will be able to achieve any goal she has in life.”

Smithton Site

Emma, 8, is the Youth of the Month because, “she is outgoing, kind and helpful, especially with her peers who may be struggling. Emma enjoys STEAM, pretend play and the National Fine Arts Program.”

Washington Site

Trinity, 10, is the Youth of the Month because, “she is always the first one to jump up and offer to help with anything that needs to be done. Trinity sets a good example to her younger members and likes to help others during Power Hour homework time.”