Congratulations to our October Youth of the Month nominees. We’d also like to give a special thanks to McDonald’s for sponsoring YOM – each Boys & Girls Club member will receive a treat for their accomplishment.

Abbygale, 11, is The CLUB’s Junior Youth of the Month because, “she makes it a point to make everybody feel included. Abby strives to bring a positive energy to the Club. She is proactive and heavily involved as a Club member.”

Ty, 14, is The CLUB’s Teen Youth of the Month because, “he is a leader and a motivator. He has an outgoing personality and tries to make friends with everybody at the Club. He tries to give back to his Club and community whenever he can.”

Cole Camp Site
Patrick, 10, is Cole Camp’s October Youth of the Month because “He is a very kind person. Patrick is friends with all the members and willing to help wherever we need him”.

Dresden Site
Rylee, 10, was chosen as Dresden’s Youth of the Month because “she is always smiling and ready to help with the younger members during Power Hour. She participates in SmartGirls and gives good positive advice to her friends.”

Green Ridge Site
Chet is the Green Ridge Site’s Youth of the Month because, “he always has amazing energy whenever he comes to Club. He has a positive attitude, is always respectful and willing to help staff and other members when needed.”

Heber Hunt Site
J’Marii, 9, is the Heber Hunt Youth of the Month. He comes to the Club to have fun and be with his friends. J’Marii knows what he is to do when he comes and will help out wherever needed. He is a great child to be around.

Horace Mann Site
Rebekah, 9, was selected as Horace Mann’s Youth of the Month because she is responsible, kind and caring. She loves helping other members and staff. She is always respectful and comes to the Club with a big smile on her face.

La Monte Site
Melissa, 5, was chosen as the LaMonte Elementary Youth of the Month because she always has a positive attitude about things and her smile lights up the room. Melissa works hard on her numbers, letters, and site words during Power Hour.

Yuliana, 10, was chosen as LaMonte’s Junior Youth of the Month because she is a huge help during Power Hour by working with the kindergarten group on writing their numbers and letters. She likes hanging out with her friends at the Club as well as participating in programs.

Leeton Site
Bennett, 6, is the Leeton Site’s Youth of the Month because, “he is very helpful, friendly, respectful and all-around caring member to staff and his peers. He always has a smile on his face.”

Parkview Site
Brooklyn, 7, is Parkview’s Youth of the Month because “she is kind to all members. Brooklyn always smiles and is cheerful to everyone. She always does the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Skyline Site
Gracyn, 9, is Skyline’s October Youth of the Month because “you can count on Gracyn to lift your spirits no matter what and always has a goofy, optimistic attitude.” Gracyn participates in gymnastics and softball. She’s good at making friends and likes to help others with homework and projects.

Smithton Site
Hayden, 9, is the Smithton Site’s Youth of the Month because, “he is an incredible Club member, going out of his way to help others. Hayden comes to Club with a big smile on his face and is a great mentor to his peers.”

Washington Site
Bryson, 7, is the Washington Site’s Youth of the Month because, “he is always looking out for other members. Bryson can often be found with his arm around a younger member who’s having a hard day, telling them it’s going to be OK.”