Congratulations to the December Youth of the Month nominees.


Sixth grader Daijah is The CLUB’s Youth of the Month. Her favorite subject at school is social studies and triple play at the club. Daijah really likes gymnastics and would like to be a gymnastics coach when she is older.


Heber Hunt

Third grader Jayda is the Heber Hunt Site’s Youth of the Month because “she comes to Club every day with a smile on  her face and ready to do something fun. She is respectful of the rules and is willing to help when needed.”

Horace Mann

First grader Vivian is the Horace Mann’s Youth of the Month because “she’s the first to offer to help staff and enjoys helping her fellow members during Power Hour.”


Kindergartener Gunner is the Parkview Youth of the Month because “he is always respectful of staff and members, he comes to Club with a smile and follows the Code of Conduct on a daily basis.”


Second grader Laney is the Skyline Youth of the Month because “she’s respectful, always participating in programs and just a great kid.”


First grader Cyler is the Washington Site’s Youth of the Month for December. Cyler was chosen because “he has a caring heart and is willing to help anyone that needs help.” Cyler’s favorite program is Triple Play.

Cole Camp

First grader Addy is the Cole Camp Site’s Elementary Youth of the Month and seventh grader Abigail is the Site’s Teen Youth of the Month. Both were chosen because of “their willingness to help others and their positive attitudes.”

Green Ridge

Fifth grader Eli was chosen as the Green Ridge Youth of the Month because, “he always does what is asked of them, uses good manners and shows great character.”

La Monte

Third grader Carter is the La Monte Site’s Youth of the Month. He was chosen because “he helped one day during Power Hour reading to kindergarten members, without being asked to do it. He is a very well-behaved member and never has any issues.”


Ninth grader Daniel is the Leeton Site’s Youth of the Month because, “heis always super helpful even though he has a busy schedule with other school commitments. He still comes three or four days a week and when he does he takes on the role of Junior Staff where he helps younger members, assists in programs and helps organize the materials for everyday use.”


Fourth grader Eleanor was chosen because “she has always been a polite, respectful, inquisitive kid. She enjoys every facet of programming, especially art.”