Congratulations to the February Youth of the Month nominees.


Eighth grader Abryana was chosen as The CLUB’s Youth of the Month because “she is always willing to help when asked and worked very hard decorating the new bulletin board. She is always looking to make new friends.”


Heber Hunt

Kindergartener Isabelle is the Heber Hunt Site’s Youth of the Month because “she has been an absolute delight to have in the program. Despite only being at Club for two months, she is the most respectful and best behaved child. It’s just a joy to have her.”

Horace Mann

Fourth grader Edward was chosen as the Youth of the Month for Horace Mann because “he is always the first to help clean or work with younger members. He has volunteered to help during snack time and is considered junior staff at the site.”


Fourth grader Delaney is the Parkview Site’s Youth of the Month because she “demonstrates excellent leadership and role model qualities. She is a junior mentor who assists with kindergarten and first grade members and snack time. She always has a smile on her face.”


Second grader Mayah is the Skyline Site’s Youth of the Month because, “she is always helping her peers with math homework and helps staff during snack time. She continuously displays a happy and curious attitude every day.”


The Washington Site chose two Youths of the Month in February – sisters Vanessa and Gimena. They “are both upstanding members that are willing to help anyone who needs it. They’re shy, but always friendly and have pleasant attitudes.”

Cole Camp

First grader Aspen and sixth grader Karley were both chosen as Elementary and Junior Youth of the Month nominees for Cole Camp because of their leadership skills.

Green Ridge

Sixth grader Stetson was named the Green Ridge Youth of the Month because “he is always respectful and shows great sportsmanship.”

La Monte

Third grader Magali is the La Monte Site’s Youth of the Month because “she is a very well behaved member, does whatever needs to be done and is helpful.”


Fifth grader Patience is the Youth of the Month for Leeton because “she is such a kind and caring member, always the first to make sure that everyone is involved. She loves to encourage other members to interact together and is always willing to help out a new member,”


Kindergartener Orianna is the Smithton’s Site’s Elementary Youth of the Month and fifth grader Olivia is Smithton’s Junior Youth of the Month because “she seems to take delight in every program we offer.”