Fifth grader Jose is The CLUB’s Youth of the Month because “he is a nice young man and always willing to help out where needed.”


Heber Hunt

Fourth grader Emma was chosen as the Heber Hunt Youth of the Month. Emma enjoys coming to Club to be with her friends to doing crafts.

Horace Mann

First grader Vivian was chosen as the Horace Mann Youth of the Month because “she is the first to offer to help staff with anything we need. She enjoys helping other members, especially during Power Hour.”


First grader Danny was chosen to be Parkview’s Youth of the Month because Club staff “wish they had 38 other Club members just like him. He comes to Club daily and always displays the morals and values found in the Code of Conduct. You can always count on Danny to be responsible, respectful, safe and a learner.”


Third grader Miciah is the Skyline Site’s Youth of the Month for November.


Fourth grader Kayden is the Washington Site’s Youth of the Month. He was chosen because “he is always very helpful when other members need help, always follows the Boys & Girls Club Code of Conduct and younger members look up to him.”

Cole Camp

Third grader Kaitlyn is the Cole Camp Elementary Youth of the Month and 4th grader Kenlee is the Teen Youth of the Month. Both were chosen because of their willingness to help others and their positive attitudes.

Green Ridge

Third grader Bradyn is the Green Ridge Site’s Youth of the Month because “he has shown great improvement in listening and following directions.”

La Monte

Fourth grader Emmanuel is the La Monte Site’s Youth of the Month because “he listens very well and does things to help without being asked.”


Fourth grader Morgan is the Leeton Site’s Youth of the Month for November because “she is a fantastic student, is always willing to help when needed and because she loves to read and play with the younger members.”


Eleanor is the Smithton Site’s Elementary Youth of the Month and Angelina is the site’s Junior Youth of the Month.