Congratulations to the May Youth of the Month nominees.


Fifth grader Caden is the Youth of the Month for The CLUB because, “he is very helpful singing in Beatmakers and is always the first to volunteer when staff needs help.”

Heber Hunt

Second grader Jeriya is the Heber Hunt Youth of the Month because, “he is always happy and looking to make new friends, he helps staff and has really grown since the start of the school year.”

Horace Mann

First grader Isla is the Horace Mann Youth of the Month because, “he is always willing to help those that need it and offer to help staff. She’s always happy and never without a smile on her face.”


Fourth grader Claire is the Skyline Site’s Youth of the Month for May because, “she is very respectful and helpful young lady.”


Kindergartener Caelynn is the Washington Site’s Youth of the Month because “she is always willing to work with others and help out when she can.”

Cole Camp

Fourth grader Skyla is the Cole Camp Site’s Elementary Youth of the Month and fifth grader Peyton is the Junior Youth of the Month. Both were chosen for their leadership roles at the site and their ability to work with other members.

Green Ridge

Third grader Gage is the Youth of the Month for Green Ridge because, “he’s shown major improvements following directions the first time and has had a great attitude change.”

La Monte

Third grader Gabby was chosen for Youth of the Month for the La Monte Site because, “she was the most helpful member this year with programs.”


Seventh grader Dustin is the Leeton Site’s Youth of the Month because, “he has been very helpful and hopeful for a junior staff position in the fall. He’s very knowledgeable in computer issues and become our go-to IT person who helps out on movie days and with computer programs. He’s a great member to see grow at the Club.”


The Smithton Site’s Elementary Youth of the Month Landon was chosen because, “he’s worked hard to look out into his world more, he’s very truthful and accountable.” The Junior Youth of the Month Brilynn was chosen because “she’s a long-term member who has shown more often how she can help others and shows her fellow members a good example of being a Club kid.