The Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri brought a little “mayhem” to the area this week with the third annual March Mayhem event, raising more than $2,600 for Club operations. This amount represents less than 1% of the Club’s total budget. Participants had a chance to show off their basketball knowledge for some of the most anticipated college games of the year with two ways to win – a traditional bracket challenge and by bidding on various teams and their likelihood to win it all.


The team auction was held Tuesday at Fitters 5th Street Pub with emcees and auctioneers Kyle and Kelsey Weymuth, of W-K Chevrolet. Bidding wars broke out over several teams, with Kentucky and Duke going for the highest dollar amounts.

“We had a great crowd at our March Mayhem event, I think everyone enjoyed the relaxed, fun atmosphere,” said Communications Coordinator Emily Jarrett. “Kyle and Kelsey may not be expert auctioneers, but they did a fantastic job selling off the teams and encouraging guests to bid high.”


In addition to bidding on NCAA teams, Mayhem participants also had a special opportunity to bid on brackets created by Club members. The Green Ridge, Heber Hunt, Horace Mann and Leeton sites all created a “site bracket” for the challenge. The winning site will not only have bragging rights but also a chance to have a party thrown by the person who won their bracket. Mayhem participants Kyle Weymuth, Eunice Guier, Ken Weymuth, Ethan Henson, Jim Buckley and Greg Nehring all bought site brackets.

“Not only did our Club members have a chance to show off their picks, Club staff are also going to incorporate the tournament itself into programming,” Jarrett said. “By following along with the games and studying the statistics that naturally go with basketball, our members can apply real math concepts in a fun new way.”

Club staff will keep track of brackets through and those participants whose teams travel the farthest will be awarded prizes, including Kansas City Royals tickets, a Mizzou shirt autographed by Kim Anderson and gift cards to local businesses.

“We’d like to thank everyone who came out and especially Kyle and Kelsey for their auctioneering and Fitters for hosting us,” Jarrett said. “March Mayhem is a great event and we’re excited to start planning for next year.”