The Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri on Wednesday unveiled a new mural in its Administration Office as part of efforts to recognize those who have made a financial contribution to the Club’s new endowment fund.

Mural Final

In addition to the Club’s 2015 Board of Directors, other founding donors to the endowment include the Sedalia Noonday Optimists, Starline, Barry and Eunice Guier with Guier Gas, and Bobby and Jean Salmon.

As part of the ceremony, Club staff, members of the Club’s Board of Directors, business leaders and other supporters of the Club were some of the first to see a special mural painted by former Club member Hanna Schirlls of two children looking at a field of stars. The mural includes unique metal stars engraved with the names of the founding members of the endowment fund.

“We were very excited about the turnout for the ceremony and thankful to everyone who came out to support this new endeavor to help the Club become more sustainable,” said Director of Development Melissa Boeschen.

“We’re especially thankful to Hanna for her amazing work on the mural. Her being a Club kid creating this piece to help ensure our doors are always open, it made it twice as special.”

For more information about the Club’s endowment fund, call 660-826-8331 or go to