Last week, Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri’s Summer Program members had the opportunity to listen to several ragtime musical performances as part of the annual International Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival.

Performer Daniel Souvigny, 14, played many of Scott Joplin’s hits as well as a few ragtime songs that he composed himself. Souvigny has been playing piano since he was 8-years-old and said he fell in love with ragtime after hearing “The Maple Leaf Rag.”

Ragtime piano player Daniel Souvigny plays for Summer Program members.

Susan and Dina Young, a ragtime duo known as the Ginger Snaps, have been performing together for seven years. Susan is a pianist while Dina adds soul to the music with her clarinet. Susan and Dina said although this was the youngest group they had ever performed for they were excited.

Many of the children said they enjoyed the old-time music.

“It was so famous,” said Riley, age 6.

“I liked that it was all loud and then it got quiet and back loud again,” said Angelina, age 9.

Gavin Gill, site manager for the Boys and Girls Club, was responsible for helping to organize the jazz festival for the children.

“It integrates music, old time music, that the kids don’t know,” Gill said. “It cultures them.”