Help cheer on the next generation of community leaders by tuning into the Facebook Live stream of Youth of the Year, presented by Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. The event will begin at 6 p.m., January 19.

To be named the Youth of the Year is the highest honor a Boys & Girls Club member can achieve. The nominees in the Junior Youth of the Year category are:


Hadleigh Maples, 10-years-old, fifth grade

Hadleigh was nominated for Youth of the Year because she is a great leader, role model and always follows the member code of conduct. She is respectful of everyone, responsible, helps to ensure that The CLUB remains a safe place for her and her peers, and most importantly, she does her part to make her CLUB great every day.

Heber Hunt

Landon Fisher, 10-years-old, fourth grade

Landon was nominated for Youth of the Year because he is honest and always has a positive attitude. Landon enjoys coming to Club and spending time with his friends.


Anna Logan, 10-years-old, fourth grade

Anna was nominated for Youth of the Year because she has been an active Club member since kindergarten and enjoys helping her younger peers, especially her sister in first grade. Anna likes playing games, reading books and jumping on the trampoline with her sister. She is a great role model to her younger peers.


Anna Peterson, 11-years-old, sixth grade

Anna was nominated for Youth of the Year because she is sociable, ambitious and adventurous. She tries to go above and beyond when asked to complete a task. Anna enjoys art, STEAM Programs and reading.

The nominee in the Teen Youth of the Year category is:

Cole Camp

Chase Stone

15-years-old, freshman at Cole Camp High School

Chase was nominated as Youth of the Year because he was born to lead others. For the past three years, Chase has been a Junior Staff member, running programs for his younger peers and helping Club staff. He enjoys setting good examples and faces everyday with grit. With a goal of majoring in aviation, Chase plans to attend Missouri State University and eventually transfer to the University of Central Missouri.